Tarena Muhammad

Tarena Muhammad

Founder & CEO

Music by Dj Quads

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with management consultant, strategic advisor, and certified online business coach Tarena Muhammad. Tarena’s passion is to help small businesses stay secure and help veteran women transitioning from the military who are looking to start a successful business. In this episode, Tarena talks about her journey to IT security, the biggest mistake she sees most of her IT security clients make with their small businesses, what working with her ideal client looks like, and the freedom that entrepreneurship affords.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:01:08] Fundamental Change When Turning 18

[00:02:11] Becoming an Entrepreneur

[00:04:30] Journey to IT Security

[00:09:03] Biggest Mistake IT Security Clients Make

[00:10:40] Tarena’s Ideal Client

[00:15:55] The Freedom that Entrepreneur Affords

[00:20:19] Mental Strength

[00:22:40] Constructively Acknowledging Regrets and Reflecting on Them

[00:25:43] Tarena’s Definition of Black Girl Magic

Introducing Tarena Muhammad

Tarena Muhammad, founder and CEO of Legion, is a business consultant and Air Force Veteran who helps women entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses while creating more balance and ease in their daily routines. With 20 years of experience in operations, SOPs, automation, and data privacy and security, she’s discovered the keys to getting more done in less time so her clients can take time off without feeling guilty. As a mom of 2 herself, she knows exactly how sanity-saving this can be. As well as running her own business, Tarena serves as the Head of Operations for The Well, a professional network for women of color. She’s passionate about helping women—especially fellow veterans—build the business of their dreams.

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