Racine Rikard

Racine Rikard

CEO and Personal Finance Strategist

Music by Dj Quads

Is generational wealth as far off as you think it is?

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with financial coach and financial strategist Racine Rikard. Her purpose is to help families earn more income become adequately protected, debt-free, and financially independent. She wishes to inspire families and businesses on the rules of personal finances and recruit and coach new associates. In this episode, Racine shares with us her journey of getting into the financial profession, her definition of generational wealth, her secret to building generational wealth. In addition, she gives us advice on why it costs more to wait and do nothing vs. getting started where we are with what we have and the importance of building your fab five financial team.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:25] Inspiration for Getting into the Financial Profession

[00:08:14] Generational Wealth Defined by Racine

[00:11:40] Racine’s Secret to Building Generational Wealth

[00:13:35] The Cost of Doing Nothing When it Comes to Building Generational Wealth

[00:16:20] The Best Way to Pay Off Debt

[00:20:13] What They Don’t Tell us About Wealth Building

[00:25:09] Building Your Fab 5 Financial Team

Introducing Racine Rikard


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