Fila Antwine

Are you ready to live a life you love?

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with author, inspirational speaker, and life and relationship coach Fila Antwine. In this episode, Fila talks about the value and importance of familia female relationships, healing internal battles regarding self-care, and emotional wellness. A big part of Fila’s vision for teaching Sacred Self-Care is to help you rediscover your dreams by teaching you how to reconnect with yourself so that you can have deep love, joy, freedom, and fulfillment on a sacred level and actually live a life you love.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:58] The Value of Familia Female Relationships

[00:04:31] Fila’s Most Treasured Thing in Life

[00:05:56] How to Get Over Internal Battles

[00:08:33] Fila’s Personal Philosophy

[00:10:42] Fila’s Greatest Accomplishment

[00:13:47] Emotional Wellness Coaching

[00:19:28] Fila’s Vision For Her Clients

[00:23:25] Incorporating Self-Care When Overwhelmed

[00:28:43] Tips For Working Wives and Mothers to Put Themselves First

[00:24:28] Fila’s Black Girl Magic

Introducing Fila Antwine

Fila Antwine is an award winning Emotional Wellness, Worthiness, and Relationship Coach. She is an individual who serves her fellow human beings with compassion, intellect, and true understanding. 

Fila’s lifelong mission has been to help others triumph over tragedy, just as she has accomplished herself; overcoming childhood abuse to become who she is today: a happily married wife, proud mother of two wonderful children, and an adviser to countless women seeking lives of greater hope and fulfillment. 

Fila Antwine is the author of two important books: “Strengthening Her Essence: A Woman’s Guide To Liberation Through Truth” and a special work for children promoting diversity and confidence called “Curiously Coiled”. 

Today Fila is an acclaimed life coach and the founder of the Sacred Queen Academy; an online coaching community that offers healing, holistic, spiritual, confidence-building classes, programs, and talks for women emphasizing self-care and healthy relationships. The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Huffington Post, MSN, The New York State Senate and the Emmy-winning talk show “Fresh Outlook” have all recognized her expertise and ability to help others overcome personal challenges in life. 

Fila has always believed in the dignity and worth of every human being and that gender equity is essential to a thriving society. She is an inspiring leader to both men and women.

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