Meet Adrina Fanore & Davis Northern

Adrina Fanore

Fashion Designer

Adrina Fanore is a fashion designer and creative director. A South Carolina native, her studies at Parsons The New School led her to a career in fashion design. With 10 years of experience, her expertise has allowed her to expand her work from the runway to screen. Drawing inspiration from various cultures, the African diaspora, and vivid imagination, Adrina has created designs and fashion films rooted in surrealism, eclecticism, and minimalism.

Davis Northern

Film Director

Since entering the film industry as a production assistant, Davis Northern has worked his way into becoming a talented director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. His professional experience spans over eight years including directing commercials and narrative content. He has directed multiple short films, one of which has received press in Essence and ELLE South Africa magazines, and is currently working on his first feature film. His diverse life experiences have both deepened his passion for storytelling and intensified his itch to develop stories of the African diaspora, that emotionally resonates with audiences across the globe. 

[bctt tweet=”Black women birthed all of civilization, they are the bearers of this entire existence. -Davis Northern” username=”BWR_Podcast”]

Episode Notes

  • Adrina talks about how she moved to New York to follow her passion for fashion.
  • Davis talks about his passion for storytelling from the aspect of people of color.
  • Adrina & Davis describe their intensions with the film Astral.
  • Adrina describes the role fashion plays in the film.
  • She expresses her love for Egyptian mythology.
  • Adrina discusses the struggles of black women in America today.
  • Davis talks about Black women not being included in the new feminist movement.
  • Davis talks about the role of black men in the struggle.
  • Adrina and Davis talk about the ugliness of the angry black woman syndrome.

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