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Michelle Blue

Michelle Blue

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The wait is over; we’re back and welcoming Michelle Blue to the podcast. Michelle is the founder of Bene’, a luxury scarf company, and a new show, The Journey With Blue. Michelle’s first company was voted as Mashable’s Top Black-Owned Businesses Changing the World. She is also the recipient of Southern Living’s Beauty Awards and a TedTalk speaker. 

In this episode, Michelle gets candid about her journey as an entrepreneur, her new show and shares her insights about the importance of vision and commitment.

  • [00:02:57] Are you an audacious thinker?
  • [00:05:27] What a petition for snacks and a trip to Ghana taught Jessica about the audaciousness
  • [00:08:05] What is failing forward
  • [00:10:28] Working through frustrations and setbacks in life and business
  • [00:19:41] How Jessica’s brazen spirit lead her to create her first business two weeks after graduating from college
  • [00:23:13] Have you ever wished you could go behind the glossy pictures on Instagram and get the truth about building a business? – Tune into Michelle’s new show – The Journey with Blue
  •  [00:30:53] Michelle’s three pillars of success – and how you can adopt them

Introducing Michelle Blue

Michelle Blue is the creator and host of The Journey with Blue, a talk show where she leads conscious conversations and coaches women through sharing the spiritual, success and mindset principles needed to step into their power to take the leap and create the life & business of their dreams.

On the third season of the show, Blue sits down with guests Danielle Leslie, founder of Course from Scratch, Brandice Daniel, founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Renae Bluitt, creator of She Did That Film on Netflix and so many more amazing women.

Blue started her first business just two weeks after graduating college, Bené, a luxury scarf company created to help support girls in Ghana continue their education. Through her business she was able to secure partnerships with Pantene, was named Mashable’s ‘Top Black Owned Businesses Changing the World’, was featured in Essence, Black Enterprise and shared her story during a TEDTalk.

As an entrepreneur and trained coach, Blue supports other women along the ‘Journey’ in taking the leap to bring their dreams to life.

YouTube: The Journey with Blue

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