Minerva Dantzler

Minerva Dantzler

Owner of Ladylike Legacies
Minerva A. Dantzler is the founder and creative force of LadyLike Legacies, LLC. Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in High Point, North Carolina, Minerva credits her mother and beloved grandmother Frankie as the first to teach her how to be a lady. As a teen and young adult, she enjoyed being a cheerleader, acting, modeling, and displaying her dance talents at events and as an instructor at local dance schools. These roles allowed her to be confident and develop excellent people skills.
Minerva earned her degree in Business Administration and Marketing from High Point University and has certifications for successfully completing the Customer Service Excellence at Duke University’s Leadership and Professional Development program, Proverbs 31 Ministries “She Speaks Speakers & Writers Conference”, and John Casablanca’s Modeling and Career Center. In addition, she received a wealth of knowledge and training in professional development and codes of ethics training as a former Certified Guardian Ad Litem advocating on behalf of neglected and abused children and a North Carolina Certified Paralegal.
More importantly, Minerva is a woman of God, loving mother, daughter, sister, friend, gifted speaker, and mentor. Her passion is to inspire, encourage, and influence females to discover their own brand of ladylikeness by promoting positive self-esteem, confidence, and business etiquette. Her mission is to demonstrate and share the power of being polite, polished, and professional in every area of their lives!
For more information and bookings, contact Minerva at www.ladylikelegacies.com or info@ladylikelegacies.com and visit LadyLike Legacies on Facebook and Instagram.

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Episode Notes

  • Minerva describes her back ground and where Ladylike Legacies came from
  • She talks about teaching honor and respect to girls and women
  • She defines the term “lady”
  • She talks about her fear and what motivates her
  • Minerva talks about how she stays sane by engaging with friends, family, vacations, self love and her faith
  • “If I’m not in a good place and a good space, I’m not able to help anyone”
  • She gives advice to herself at 60
  • “Being angry is not the problem, how you deal with your anger and what you do with your anger will determine if it s a blessing or a lesson.”
  • She talks about her hopes for the future and what’s next for her and Ladylike Legacies

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  • I really Enjoyed this Interview. Great Knowledge from. Thank you for letting God use you fto help us and our FUTURE GROW.

  • Awesome information on the need for ladylike, professional women in this day and age. I love that someone is concerned with using manners and acting professional.

  • I have so proud of you. I’ve always been a stickler about women carrying themselves in a manner that is respectful . Thank you so much for helping our little women being taught the proper way to act with respect and dignity. That is what we were taught as children. I’m loving this!


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