Dionne Selby — Episode #011

dionne selby

Dionne Selby

Certified Life Coach

Dionne is a Certified Life Coach & Owner of Perfectly Flawed, LLP and a graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education. Her Aspiration and desire in life is to help others to always see the greatness in themselves. Her gift is to help motivate people to accomplish their goals in their personal relationships, personal development, personal finance, health and wellness! With over 10 years experience in development, management, coaching, marriage and motherhood, her passion is also seeing success in others!

“Life’s challenges often send us on many roller coasters of ups and downs and often we need to tap back into what motivates us, what inspires us and what keeps us on our path to greatness!” –Dionne

Episode Notes

  • Dionne talks about her journey to becoming a certified life coach
  • She talks about being a mom as one of her proudest moments, in addition to finding her purpose
  • She explains the journey to finding her purpose and what that means to her
  • Dionne explains how she motivates herself
  • She talks about going from corporate to self-employed
  • She describes how vision boards and having a mentor can help you do the work of finding your purpose
  • Dionne explains how she came up with the name of her business
  • She talks about the importance of self care, especially for black women
  • She describes the stress level of being in corporate America vs. running her business
  • She discusses the stigma of being a black woman in corporate America
  • Dionnes shares her vision for the future

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  • Congratulations Dionne! We all need help from one another in or lives. Im sure you will be very successful in this adventure as I was almost forty years ago with mine. We all should be help mates to one another , mine is God., whom lives in my heart and soul. You are an extension of his works . Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventure doing his work.
    Love Joy~


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