K.S. Lewis

K.S. Lewis

Author, TV Show Host, Podcast Host

K.S. Lewis is passionate about healthy relationships and uses her writing as a platform to help others begin conversations on the subject. Her debut novel, The Game According to Life, discusses the journey of a woman called Life, and her interactions with family, friends, and love interests as they relate to playing a game.

K.S. followed the work in early 2017 with the thoughtful, Love Notes for Life, a little black book of short and sweet prose offering quick whips on navigating relationships successfully. She openly shares the highs and lows of relationships through her writing and compels her readers to think about how they are “showing up to play” in their own lives.

Her love for helping others operate in healthy love scenarios led her to start the Kicks & Giggles Show podcast on BlogTalkRadio in 2016. The provocative blend of hosts, guests, and topics has proven to be a fitting complement to late night adult conversation. In the summer of 2017, she released the first season of Love Dish, a Youtube series uniquely offering the best of relationships ‘ hot topic interviews with well-known guests, while cooking a signature dish.

K.S. has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication/Public Relations, and a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication, both from East Carolina University. She currently resides in the Washington metro area, where she spends time writing, cooking, and enjoying her family.

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Episode Notes

  • K.S. discusses Love Notes for Life, her first book
  • She talks about the difference between writing her first book and her second book
  • She discusses the importance of journaling and how she used her journals to write her book
  • K.S. discusses her process for writing her books
  • She talks about to how she rids herself of negative self talk
  • She speaks on the angry black woman syndrome and how she handles this ugly stereotype
  • You can watch Kay’s TV show Love Dish on YouTube

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