De’Trice Fox — Episode #009

Detrice Fox

De'Trice Fox

Librarian & Coach

De’Trice Fox has been searching all her life for her passion and yet has been doing it all along. De’Trice is passionate about coaching individuals and small organizations to greatness. She is the ultimate optimist and her testimony and purpose aligns with the passion that God has placed in her.

Episode Notes

  • De’Trice discusses her side hustle and her need to help people
  • She talks about why she decided to get her third Master’s degree
  • She discusses how important her nieces and nephews are in her life
  • She talks about being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and how she used that diagnosis to fuel her
  • De’Trice’s super power is Love and she talks about why
  • She discusses how she felt when her father was placed on life support
  • She gives advice to women in their 20s
  • De’Trice talks about what’s next for her coaching company

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