Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson

Writer & Editor

Bea Johnson grew up a precocious kid who parlayed research and developing into becoming a Technical Writer/Editor—and loving every step of the way.

This talented professional has over a decade of experience as writer, editor, and blogger. Bea was also English Instructor. Realizing not everyone has children or is married, she offers examples that are related to food. Everyone has to eat, right?!  In her spare time, she tutors students in English and is a Spoken Word coach. In 2018 she became an entrepreneur and launched Your Red Pen, LLC. This company offers editing and speaking coaching services: Bea wants you to be able to reach your intended audience quickly, succinctly, and cautiously. She’ll guide you through her process to hopefully get you the desired success.

Bea is also an author. She published Before, Blessings, After a book of poetry. She’s also written a novel-ish book entitled When the Enemy is Me, a book that offers hope after rape and a bad marriage. She lives by the motto “Tomorrow is an invitation to a better you.”

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Episode Notes

  • Bea talks about her journey to becoming the woman she is proud to be
  • She speaks to those looking to get to a “better you”
  • She talks about journaling and the journaling process
  • Bea explains the importance of reading your old journal entries
  • She discusses her upcoming book “When the Enemy is Me”
  • She explains how she gets over the fear of sharing her writing
  • “I have a voice that’s wanting to be heard, and grateful to be heard” — Bea Johnson
  • Bea talks about her new editing company, Your Red Pen

Podcast Music by Dj Quads

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  • This is very interesting,Im proud of you taking steps outside of your comfort zone keep up the good work.Love you

  • Ella Joyce Stewart
    November 28, 2018 11:29 AM

    Dear Bea,
    Your proud Mama sent this e-mail. (Thank you Sandra.) What a wonderful way to start my day. Your conversation about keeping a journal is awesome. What a brilliant concept to pass on. So much of your conversation is very familiar. I asked you about editing at your Grandmother’s service and never contacted you……SHAME ON ME! God ordered my steps… you! (E)lla (J)oyce Stewart


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