Kristin Moore

Creative & Blogger

Kristin Moore often describes herself as an MBA on paper, but an MFA in her heart.

For years she has straddled the worlds of Corporate America and the and the whimsy of her imagination through her artistic endeavors. Lately, her focus is parlaying these endeavors from hobby status, to her life’s work.
She has spent 10 years in engineering support roles in the aerospace industry – but in between tasks she dreams of flying off to far away places in the very airplanes manufactured by the company that employs her.

She shies away from calling herself a renaissance woman for fear of seeming pretentious. However, corporate professional, blogger, soccer / karate mom, certified widow life coach, and creative are roster of titles that make for a well rounded busy-body trying to find and live her purpose in this world. Personal Development has always been of great interest to her, and she has done everything from the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course, to improv training at the Groundlings comedy school to foster continued growth.

Her latest project is a blog, online community, and grassroots movement called Joy Scavenger, which is a community created to be a safe space for people seeking comfort after the loss of a loved one. Launched shortly after the sudden passing of her husband in 2017, Joy Scavenger is a real time look in to Kristin’s journey as a young widow raising two young boys, and salvaging joy and peace after experiencing tragedy.

No matter what Kristin’s focus is at any given moment, her mission is to create meaningful smiles where ever she goes, and leave people vibrating higher and feeling better after each encounter.

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Episode Notes

  • Kristin is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Seattle, WA after marrying her husband
  • She is a widow and the mother of two beautiful little boys and an angel baby
  • She currently resides in Orange County, California
  • Kristin describes how not believing in her abilities, she didn’t take the opportunity to apply for the school she always wanted to attend
  • Kristin explains that your 20s are a time to lay the groundwork for the rest of your adulthood
  • Kristin talks about the balance of optimism and realism
  • She talks about why she believes that black women have super powers
  • Kristin talks about how technology opens so many doors that would have been closed 10 years ago
  • She explains where her best ideas come from and what makes her laugh
  • Kristin’s personal mission is to leave sparkles and confetti where ever she goes
  • Kristin shares why she started her Joy Scavenger blog
  • She talks about her goal of turning her hobbies into habits

Podcast Music by Dj Quads

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