Angela Haigler

Content Creator & Business Owner

Angela Haigler is an award-winning professional communicator who has been writing since stick figures were all she could spell.

She brings 15+ years of experience creating and sharing stories for news organizations, universities and nonprofits. Angela is devoted to writing and helping others tell their story.

She loves teaching Creative Writing at Central Piedmont Community College where some of her students have gone on to become published authors.

Her book reviews and articles can be seen in Pride Magazine. Her work has also appeared in publications such as the Charlotte Observer, Library Journal and 7even literary magazine.

Previous and current clients include Arts & Science Council, Ms. Real Estate Property Boss, Darrell Roach Designs, Chef Shonda S. Caines and Gee That’s Funny Entertainment.

She is skilled in manuscript critique, social media monitoring, media relations, website marketing, email communications and many other marketing and communications functions.

Her motto: “Stories are everywhere.”

[bctt tweet=”What scares me the most about this country and the future of black women is that it feels that we are going to be expected and needed to right this ship.” username=”BWR_Podcast”]

Episode Notes

  • Angela discusses growing up in South Carolina after the desegregation of schools and what it was like to be bussed to and attend an integrated school
  • Angela talks about her realization, many years later, that she was unaware of white student life while she was in school
  • Angela teases her forthcoming collection of essays cataloging her experience attending a newly desegregated school in the south
  • She explains how she sees herself as an even mix of her mother and father’s traits
  • Angela talks about the importance of saving money and working on your side gigs, preparing to fulfill your dreams full-time
  • Angela tells her younger self to have more fun and “have lots of sex” (which I believe we can all agree with)
  • She talks about her current job and the small business she runs — One Boss Writer: Writing, Editing, Coaching and Consulting
  • Angela talks about getting the right training and setting up the right structure for starting and running your small business
  • She tells listeners to bet on themselves
  • Angela talks through the obstacles that black women face in America today — including taking care of ourselves and our health
  • Angela references an article about the median wealth of African American households by 2053 — Median wealth of black Americans ‘will fall to zero by 2053’, warns new report
  • You can visit Angela’s other website at

Podcast Music by Dj Quads

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