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Writing allows us to be visible. We write to say we are present in the world. Our lives and stories matter.

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace, avid lovers, readers, and writers of African American Literature. In this episode, these sisters talk about how they developed their love for reading and writing, their passion for the culture, standing in their truth through their writing, and so much more. Throughout this conversation, you can hear their love for writing and their love for one another.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:31] – Developing the Love for Reading and Writing

[00:05:38] – Sharing the Work With Others

[00:09:39] – Passion for the Culture

[00:12:47] – The Sister Give Their Top 3 People They Wish to Have a Conversation with From the Past

[00:17:58] – Getting Into Poetry

[00:21:34] – Inspiration to write

[00:23:23] – Standing in Truth While Writing

[00:25:42] – Doing One Thing Differently

[00:28:44] – Choosing What to Believe About Yourself

[00:38:15] – Poems: The Other Half of Myself/Impetus

[00:45:11] – Advice For Other Writers

[00:48:00] – Chyrel and Lyris’ Take on Black Girl Magic

Introducing Chyrel & Lyris

Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace are avid lovers, readers and writers of African American Literature. They grew up in a Southern Suburb of Chicago, IL. Country Club Hills. As young girls they read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Judy Blume novels. College was the real scholastic awakening introducing these two Literary Enthusiasts to the Literary works of their great ancestors: James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and others. These writers influenced Chyrel and Lyris so much. It only makes sense that they would now be writing in the Spirit of these ancestors. Giving a voice to social issues that plague our modern time.

Their latest self-published works are books of poetry: Mirrored Images and Different Sides of the Same Coin. Both Books mirror messaging “no pun intended.” Ranging from a host of life topics: relationships, frayed familial dynamics, juggling life, single parenting, racism, etc. Some have said, our books are reminiscent of Harlem Renaissance revisited. Our anthologies of poems pair current social and living conditions with poetic verse. In this volume the sometimes darker sides and motives of human nature are also addressed.

Where their first collection of poems Different Sides of the Same Coin revisited Harlem Renaissance and collided with 2019 social unrest, Mirrored Images rips off the bandages of human life experience. It forces one to see what most are happier pretending just does not exist at all. Broken, hurt people, hurt others. Spoken word is back and these literary writers take social justice and unrest to brand-new unchartered heights.

Writing allowed Chyrel and Lyris to find their voice. Surviving a deadly pandemic, navigating life’s rough waters, and continuing to stay true to themselves birthed their latest book Mirrored Images.

Can magic be recreated for a second time? The sisters believe that it can. We write about what we know. Our experiences as black women are what we know well. Our writing is lensed from that intrinsically authentic experience.

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