Angelique Anderson

Angelique Anderson

Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Music by Dj Quads

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with Executive & Leadership Development Coach and Talent Strategist Angelique Anderson. Angelique works with leaders to help them simplify complexities, cut through the fog, and strategize plans of action that allow them to exercise their natural talents and strengths. In this episode, Angelique talks about the importance of leadership presence to elevate, combatting microaggressions, and what she thinks is the key to success in becoming an entrepreneur.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:47] – Experience vs Leadership

[00:04:32] – Presence Matters for Elevation

[00:08:53] – Combatting Microaggressions

[00:15:16] – Angelique on Becoming an Entrepreneur

[00:24:36] – Key to success for Entrepreneur

[00:27:13] – Angelique’s Most Treasured Characteristic

[00:28:24] – Angelique’s Future Vision

Introducing Angelique Anderson

Angelique Arnao Anderson is the Founder of Arnao Anderson & Associates, a strengths-focused talent strategy firm. As an ICF-certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach, she supports high-achieving organizational leaders in activating untapped superpowers in order to help make dream careers a reality.

Angelique has over 20 years of experience in leadership development, talent management and organizational effectiveness strategically leading large-scale culture change initiatives while successfully aligning talent development with complex business strategy. Her career has spanned multiple industries, including media, technology and financial services from global companies to start-ups. She has a long track record of partnering with leaders of large and small teams to uncover root problems, ideate possibilities and take agile action.

Coined the “Solutions Empress” by peers, Angelique’s unique approach to coaching empowers leaders to effectively navigate changing environments while engaging, retaining and inspiring their people towards greater success.

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