What Is the Black Women Rising Podcast?

The Black Women Rising podcast was created to highlight the amazing accomplishments and contributions black women have made in this country. Regular women like you and I, are make inroads every day. We have a strength we can’t even describe. And yet, we feel alone. We feel left behind. We feel ignored and invisible.

But I’m attempting to remove all of these feelings by creating a community of supportive black women from all walks of life, to engage and support each other. Through this weekly podcast, you will hear the stories, trials, triumphs, and internal thoughts of black women across the county.

It’s my hope that these episodes will encourage and inspire you to move forward with your dreams, ignore the nay-sayers, and move into your role as a fierce queen. You ARE enough. You CAN do it. And I will be there to cheer you along the way.

If you’re interested in telling your story on the podcast. Please apply here.



Podcast Host

Hi! I’m Jessica. I host a podcast called Black Women Rising. I’m originally from Detroit, but now I live that southern belle life in North Carolina.


Kiley Dowling – Episode #015

Kiley DowlingSoftware EngineerKiley Dowling is a senior software engineer who has spent the majority of her career delivering client solutions with consultancies and full service digital agencies. She is passionate…
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